That First Book Review

It all takes time, but I received my first book review.. and also a 5 star-rating from someone who bought it on Amazon.. so I am getting at least somewhere.

Hoping someone with a little better sense of humor can review it, but this one was a THREE out of FOUR possible stars.


[Following is the official review of “War and Vegetables” by Robert Run.]
3 out of 4 stars Review by sindhu75063

War and Vegetables by Robert Run mainly focuses on the hardships faced by the middle class during modern day corporatism. The story begins with Paul Poznan, who has failed college, going on a road trip to his hometown, Sunny Knoll, Wisconsin, with his girlfriend Alexandra Chase, called Alex. Because of his academic fail, his girlfriend’s parents, Ross and Sherry Chase, are concerned about Alex’s decision to quit school and stay with Paul. Yet Alex comforts them, saying that Paul has chalked out a plan (Actually, it’s Alex who has the plan, she’s the Alpha -RR). Upon arriving home, they contact Paul’s childhood friend, Spiro Young, known as Mint, who runs Stellar Gas, a gas station set up by both his (Michael and Angel Young) and Paul’s parents (Keith and Valerie Poznan). They find out that Keith would be meeting them soon and ponder about the decisions he might ask them to make.

Theirs being a gas station stocked with all the essential groceries as well, the trio finds out that a lot of sale has gone down because of supermarkets and the like. Hence, they agree to Keith Poznan’s idea of hosting a Farmer’s Market. The rest of the story focuses on their planning and preparation for farmers to meet directly with the consumers and not to be cheated by any middlemen. In this process, they definitely find more helpers (their friends and the local community) and well-wishers than haters. But even a few haters can spoil all the fun.

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Thus, the story of War and Vegetables is one of determination and perseverance. It is a tale which inspires any person to become a successful businessperson whilst being a helpful and caring one. It shows that even when you want to be on top, you must be considerate to the ones holding your ladder for you. It also relates the struggle faced everyday by the agriculture class, working to make our lives healthier and happier. In other words, it was a bridge between age old professions and technical advancement.

It was really hard to rate this book. The fact was that it was a real page-turner. But: one, I found too many grammatical errors and way too much unnecessary capitalization [I tried to send them a revised version but was unable to, I explain why I capitalize the Natural World in the Preface, RR); two, the climax wasn’t as mind-blowing as I expected it would be; and three, I felt that there was some inappropriate foul language used. Hence, I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. I feel really bad because it was overall a good read and deserved 4 stars just for the flow.

Little explanations about Mint’s inventions and Paul’s spontaneous writing adds a personal touch to the book, highlighting the fun excursions we have within our own selves. Overall, I believe that this book is an inspiration for all those who feel depressed in life and are unwilling to take a different path. You never know, a new path might be just a little prettier.

Not bad!

I like an honest book review. Any book review is good because at least someone is reading your stuff. -RR


Goodreads review for Hank Rally, President 50

Hank Rally on Goodreads  (<- if you click that)

Robert Run on Goodreads

by Robert Run (Goodreads Author), Juan McGowen (Illustrator)

Deborah Blair‘s review
May 14

5 of 5 stars

Read in May, 2013

The episodic graphic novel, Hank Rally – President 50 – Happy Do’Ya’Merica! – Volume 1 – Issue 00 Primer – is a wonderful foundational beginning for what is surely to be a fun and inspirational graphic series that will entertain us as we revision where our country and the world is headed. Written by Robert Run, illustrated by Juan McGowen – this work is a courageous venture that is looking for a well deserved boost with a Kickstarter campaign – you can learn more and become a backer by going to : Even though Robert gave me the eBook to review without pledging, after reading it I gladly went to Kickstater and made a pledge!

At a time when our literature, theater, film and lives can become so shallow and predictable – Robert Run has revived political/inspiration art in the spirit of Clifford Odets, “Waiting For Lefty,” – the Living Theater’s Money Tower, and the many works of Peter Schumann’s Bread and Puppet Theater in both inspiring readers and providing a form to help us think and discuss issues that need to be out in the open.

In this first issue we learn that Hank is a disappointed, but ultimately willing “winner” in the 2031 Presidential Lottery that was instituted after the election of 2020. We learn of the subtle but effective changes the citizens of the USA made in terms of energy, corporations, taxes and other areas of life that basically brought sanity to an insane system. Hank hears that he has been chosen in the national Presidential draw – rather like Jury Duty selection – -he chooses to serve as a civic duty. We are given a taste of what we will be learning in future installments.

For some who are not accustomed to this art form – and for those who have passed over the Graphics Novel form –
it may take some getting used to – but after a short learning curve you’ll be glad that you did. And for those who love the Graphic Novel – and want as a nation, and globally to move past an economic, industrial, corporate, political paradigm that is killing us – this Primer issue of Hank Rally will provide many nods of agreement and a humorous form to share with friends.

I welcomed the opportunity that author and creator, Robert Run has given me to preview the Primer issue of the Hank Rally – President 50 series. Senator Joseph McCarthy and his henchmen gutted many of our political thinkers, professors, writers, playwrights, directors and actors during the witch hunts of the fifties. The assassinations of the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X, and corporate and political corruption gutted much of our meaningful literature and performance art forms. Our hearts and dreams have been broken and many don’t even know why – -Our American story needs revitalizing with new, enduring archetypes – – this Graphic work is making a good contribution in the right direction. I highly recommend that you support this venture at Kickstarter — you can help start a story that feeds our hearts and helps us chuckle as we dream a new dream. Http:// Even if the funding goal for printing and for subsequent episodes is not met, you will receive an eBook if you pledge.