The use of artistic license in writing

I’m explaining that I am a novice astronomer and that some my use of astronomy in my book War and Vegetables is artistic license, and incongruous for effect. The order in which the events in the book occur are accurate per month, but not per year. Some of the events would not happen in succession in the same year but do occur in the months that they are presented in different years.
I think a book where the year jumps around according to astronomical events would be a lot of fun; The events as time signatures indicating flashbacks and flash-forwards. I however, am not the writer interested in doing that.  At least not right now. Maybe some genius will steal the idea from me, if it has not already been done.
So, for Dr. Tyson, and/ or any purists, sorry. It’s not out of disinterest or disrespect.
Try to have a really good day anyhow. :)


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Writing Vignettes: The Crust

a purpled ou aurora borealis


The outer edge of the Aurora Borealis is extending directly over head. There is cloud cover preventing it from being seen directly. The cloud cover looks like a crust. Like we are in a massive pinkish purple cave, or.. that we are at the center of the Earth, prized of the hoax that has held us here, making our way from our deception:

They were told their whole lives that the innards of their Planet was the totality of existence. Of course there were the fantasies and fairy tales. Now they leave those pacifiers behind. They had finally broken the code and spread the solution to the equation, with great stealth, throughout the colony. They achieved great expertise in their duties, and created efficient systems which allowed their rulers to leave them to their own devices. It was then that the maps were disseminated. It is today that they make their way to the surface, leaving the production of goods to itself, leaving their rulers to their sleeping bellies, and leaving the caves… forever.

Those who left first finally reached the horizon. Nervously, passionately, fervently… they dug their tools… into the crust.


Vignettes are those little stories that are usually written very quickly. They can be spur of the moment because they are something you threw down on your pad when you did not want to lose the concept. They can be used as part of a treatment for describing a novel or movie… you know, the back of the paperback, where it gives you a synopsis and a teaser all in one? They are very often used as part of a treatment in a pitch. They are essentially a story within a premise.


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