Wasted Treasure: Repurposing windows

4 sliding glass doors

I do not believe that there are people who want to see this go to waste. There are so many things that can be done with old sliding glass doors. It’s wrong, it’s just sick and wrong and that’s all it is.

Here is a Brief list, a BRIEF list of what can be done with these:

  • Windows for greenhouses
  • Solar hot water heater
  • passive solar convection heat
  • Gigantic powerless food dehydrator

So yeah, try to get an idea, will ya? Not to mention just making a large window for your camp, or a mobile home; strip the glass and use the panes independently, since they are double pane. If I had a place to use them there is NO WAY I would walk away from this..

Ok? So yeah, that’s my post today. And speaking of energy, here, check out this link and get a little ebook that will tell you all about how your TV is a liar about energy (I know, big surprise right?), and this one with info about A.L.E.C and about who was -really- behind the Solyndra scandal, and guess what, it was not Heir Savior like the Republicans claim (I know, big surprise right? politicians lying). And I wrote these things in 2006, so whatever, catch up will ya!

I am doing a blog post per day all month, hopefully. Inspired by NaBloPoMo. This will be a good motivation for me to format some more ebooks. This is post #14.

Repurposing Windows