I miss my loud people

I have the road bug… where it stops nobody knows.

I'm your new Television OK? You can stop thinking now

It has been nice reconnecting with the loudness of Chicago.. I miss the people here so much. Not the politics, the fees, the bullshit City Govt.. but the people who endure it. I miss my loud people. Tomorrow i leave for New Mexico. I’ll be driving through Illinois, Northern Missouri, Kansas, little bits of OK and TX.. I have never been to the Desert or those particular Mountains..

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here is the first issue of my new comic Hank Rally: President 50

Hank Rally: President 50

Start here to view the comic page by page on this website.

Be sure to follow the blog via email at the bottom so you can get new pages as they are posted. Tell your friends too..

Wonder what life was like in a post-politics America?
History’s Near-Futurist Comedy of the Century is here.

It’s a good thing it was 2031 and not 2013, because Hank Rally could’ve never functioned as President in the Hoodwink Years.

support future issues: https://rally.org/hankrally

If you hate politics, you’ll love Hank


Illustrations by Juan McGowen

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Wow, the driving

Wow, the driving

I have had a very good ride so far. There is a lot happening and there are things to relay but I have to get the driving experience out of the way before I get into the rest of it.

It’s the proximity stupid

It’s the proximity stupid

Posting thoughts from the road here, in between the “real” writing.

Get an excerpt from my novel about a small town that survives the crash

If you follow my blog, you are entitled to an excerpt of my novel, Stellar Gas. Since I migrated my blog, some of the old features are not a part of that, so I need to find out who you new followers are.

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Stellar Gas is a novel about a small town that survives the crash.


Ebooks for the road

Kindled Commutes has lots of short reads and 0.99 ebooks by Robert Run.

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