About the Author

A crisp white shirt feels pretty damn good

My Name is Robert Run. (Actually, that is a pseudonym, I am also Antler Pestle, named after a character in my book who is not necessarily autobiographical, but it might be safe to assume it under most circumstances).

I have been writing all my life… as far back as I can remember (and yes Family, I remember everything).  After 48 years, I finally decided that I am offering my writing in a more serious manner.

I am currently writing a novel, and I am presenting much of my shorter writing for people to read on their work commutes. I think while you are on your way to work, most of you, you might be preparing for the work day. If you have some time to read my pages on your kindle®  and other reading tablets, I’m thrilled, tell your friends.

Now, on your way home from work, that is a completely different story. You should most definitely be reading my pages on your way home from work. No question; no two ways about it. You will be a better person for it. I know I am.

I also hope you’ll subscribe to this blog and keep getting more and more of my material for your reading enjoyment. When you subscribe, or get my feed, you will learn about the progress of my novel as I decide whether or not I am going to self-publish it.

I hope I can challenge your thinking with some essays, help you think about things in ways you may have never thought about them in my opinion pieces, express some life lessons in my short stories, and in all of it, hopefully make you grin enough that others wonder what you are reading.. and you will see as time goes on my formatting will improve, because like you, I am really smart, and a quick study.. We are so smart, and we know it, we are Americans after all.

Have an excellent and productive day.




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